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My impending lonely home

I'm facing quite a difficult decision.

My roommate has once again decided she wants to go back to school, only this time she is serious. They are moving out November 1. They told me this last month, and I have tried to find a new roommate to no avail.

So I am faced with the decision: Do I stay here, or get a one bedroom apartment?

HOUSE: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, $750 a month plus about $250-300 utilities. Fenced in yard.
APARTMENT: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, $600+ a month with about $200 utilities. No yard.

Honestly, I think if I scrimp and save I can pull off a thousand for the house. The apartment isn't much cheaper and I'd be losing A LOT in the way of privacy, and convenience with the dogs. I could potentially save $30/m by using their gym and cancelling mine. But is that worth losing so much elsewhere?

We have such a good deal on this townhouse. I would really like to stay.

I am just really, really irritated that I can never seem to get ahead.
I got my job back, worked my way back up to full time, and literally just two weeks ago was able to put money in my savings account, which had dwindled from $3000 to only $500 after my unemployment stint. And here I am about to be completely fucked again moneywise!

I actually resorted to Craigslist, and received two responses which I think I might follow up on. I am very uncomfortable about the idea of strangers, but I might look into it.

It's so dumb, because I don't even need someone renting the extra master bedroom. Someone renting the smaller bedroom for freakin' $300/month including utilities would be all I need to not have to make severe lifestyle adjustments. And I can't even find that! I don't understand what it is about me that makes me such a complete failure at making friends. I feel like a normal person would be able to accomplish this goal, through a friend or a friend of a friend, and I'm coming up with nothing.

Being an adult sucks sometimes.

Jul. 6th, 2010

Facebook is amazing. It puts all kinds of idiots in touch with each other.

Like this:

I saw an ad for DIY TATTOOS.
OK...this is already looking hilarious and frightening.

The ad links to a page... Poke and Stick
For only $60, you too can own a DIY tattoo kit that gives you "high quality", "awesome" tattoo work! Like this!

Oh look, they are even having a "photo shoot"!

(What they don't tell you is that right after this photo, this girl got it 4 ways :-X)

So that's right! Only $60 gets you one "sick" homemade tattoo, courtesy your favorite high friend! Best remember to get it somewhere that's easy to cover up, because I guarantee that in the morning you will be sober, but that tattoo will still be ugly!

And one more pic under hereCollapse )
I ate duck for the first time recently.
I was worried I would not like it, but then I realized
that all birds are

Most fowl are horrible, loud, mean creatures
and I take great pleasure in eating
as many as I can.


This guy is doing it wrong.

Best. Video. Ever.

Slice Here For LyricsCollapse )

And not to take away from the seriousness of it...but...
How About This Gem?

Now listen to it a few times before double checking the lyricsCollapse )



Hello. Here is a picture of a llama. Enjoy.